Helping organizations become age-friendly.

We specialize in health promotion research, workplace programs, and healthy aging education.

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Workplace Health

We help organizations better engage, retain, and recruit their midlife and older female staff through our signature four-part system. We also help organizations reduce health and disability costs and chronic disease risk by using a research-driven age-friendly approach to well-being.


We help communities plan for an aging population by using a social-ecological model of health that takes into account the cultural, economic, and other social determinants to help plan comprehensive age-friendly policies, programs, and services.


We build and deliver workshops and online courses for clients for a variety of health promotion topics. We have subject matter expertise in health promotion, workplace health, older adults and healthy living. We also offer our own suite of online learning courses. 

What we do differently

Our specialty is healthy aging. For almost two decades, our work has been focused on projects that promote positive aging, including published research, workplace programs, provincial health planning, municipal older adult service plan development, Age-friendly assessment/planning and more.

Examples of clients that we've had the pleasure to work with:

Healthy Aging Services Just for Women

We also run a healthy aging website exclusively for women 50+. Age Sister offers lifestyle-related programs and services to decrease chronic disease risk and improve quality of life.

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