Increasing Access to Healthy Living For All

Cardea Health Consulting Inc. is a health promotion consulting firm that has been in operation since 2000. Our organization works exclusively to promote healthy and positive aging. Our advisors and consultants combine professional qualifications, extensive experience, and specialized knowledge and are committed to delivering services based on the most current, innovative, and evidence-based information.

Principal and Advising Experts

Kate Milne, Founder and Principal Consultant

 With over two decades of  experience working with older adults, Kate Milne is a  Healthy Aging Specialist dedicated to transforming workplaces and cities into age-friendly environments. As the founder of Cardea Health Consulting, she empowers organizations to value and optimize the potential of their experienced workforce. Kate’s expertise in health promotion, workplace wellbeing, women's health, and age-friendly initiatives has made her a sought-after speaker and consultant. She is passionate about fostering inclusive communities that support healthy aging and well-being for all.

Kate also has expertise in online learning and is an Age-friendly planning subject matter expert.

You learn more about her background and experience on LinkedIn.




Dr. Georgi Toma, Workplace Mental Health Advisor

Dr. Toma is the founder of Heart and Brain Works and a researcher at the University of Auckland. Her areas of expertise include workplace mental health, psychosocial hazards, resilience interventions and wellbeing. She has a breadth of experience across different sectors and a pragmatic approach to organizational wellbeing.

Dr. Toma is the creator of The Wellbeing Protocol, a mental health and resilience intervention shown to significantly improve mental wellbeing and reduce burnout. You can find more information about Dr. Toma's work by visiting her website:

Teresa Isabel Dias, Menopause in the Workplace Advisor

Teresa Isabel Dias is a pharmacist with 25 years of professional experience. She became a Menopause Practitioner (NCMP) certified by the North American Menopause Society and founded MenopausED, a virtual women’s health practice, to help women navigate the stages of menopause and live a vibrant and productive life.

Teresa is breaking the last health taboo in the workplace - menopause. You can find more information about Teresa's work by visiting her website:

Valerie Travis, Canadian Employee Benefits Advisor

For over 25 years, Valerie has guided Canadian employers to sustainable benefits strategies that align with who they are – or aspire to be – in supporting employee wellbeing. 

As founder of bespoke benefit solutions, she collaborates with employers to accomplish benefits projects such as surveys, audits, new plan launches, and benefits education.

bespoke’s unique project-based approach adapts to fit your needs, goals, and budget and works alongside your existing partners.

She invites you to learn how bespoke can design creative solutions tailored to your benefits challenges – and bring these ideas to life – at