Midlife women are leaving the workforce at one of the highest rates of any group in 2022. We can change that.

Managing in Midlife - for Employers

Learn to support, more deeply engage, and retain your midlife and older female talent by becoming a more age-friendly organization

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Focusing on your midlife and older female staff is good business for so many reasons

Benefits of our approach

Tailored and specialized age-friendly content



Managing in Midlife is focused exclusively on improving employee engagement, support, retention, and reducing overall health costs.



Managing in Midlife has underpinnings in research,  current evidence, and best practices in healthy aging and women's health.



Few workplace programs focus specifically on the needs of midlife and older women. We'll teach you why this group is so key to your organization's success.

Your Instructor, Kate Milne

Healthy Aging Specialist and Age-friendly Subject Matter Expert 

Kate is a Healthy Aging and Workplace Wellbeing Specialist. Kate specializes in helping clients to support, retain, and recruit midlife and older team members by using an age-friendly lens in well-being programs. You can read more about her background by visiting her LinkedIn page.

Managing in Midlife - for Employers

The Great Resignation has been renamed by some "the great midlife crisis." Older, more established workers in knowledge-focused industries are currently leaving in some of the highest numbers.

You can slow the trend in your organization by learning how to become more age-friendly, inclusive, and supportive to your female staff. We provide custom and comprehensive workshops, programs, online training, and coaching to teach you how to best support, retain, and recruit midlife and older women to your organization. If you would like to learn more about our solutions, please book a time to connect.

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